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For Technical Information on Essential Fatty Acids and the way the body uses them ,click EFA's.

        We use only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade components in our products. The cost is higher, but we strive to provide our customers with the best product possible. Most allergies to a specific ingredient are from the impurities left in that ingredient in the refining process, not from the ingredient itself. There can be as many as 5 different grades of a specific ingredient available. Of course the purer the ingredient the higher the cost of producing it.

Aloe Vera: A natural botanical extract that provides soothing conditioning properties.

Cetrimonium Chloride: An excellent hair conditioner. Cationic (positively-charged) conditioning agent possessing substantive properties for hair. It neutralizes charges eliminating static fly away and dry scalp. Hair is easy to manage and tangle-free.

Cetyl Alcohol:   A wax. A super fatting agent. A fat substance extracted from coconut oil and the white base found in the creams.
        ****It is called an "alcohol" by organic chemists because the molecular structure (atom chain) ends in an OH making it a negative. Most people thinks of alcohol as wood alcohol or grain alcohol. Cetyl alcohol in simple terms, is the opposite. Cetyl alcohol is a skin conditioner.
On the same subject, if a particular molecular structure ends in a H, it is considered a positive, and those same organic chemists use the term "acid"!! Again these products are not acids in terms of what most people consider acids to be.
It is for this reason that they call Omega-3, linolenic acid and Omega-6, linoleic acid.

Coenzyme Q-10: A natural constituent of the skin's cell structure, it aids in the reduction of wrinkles.

DMDM Hydantoin and Iodopropynyl Carbamate: An effective food grade preservative system to maintain product quality and stability.
        DMDM Hydantoin is effective against bacteria.
        Iodopropynyl Carbamate is effective against molds and yeasts.

Fragrance: Aloe; is just a fragrance.
                Lavender; in the Bath & Massage Oil is Lavender essential oil.
                Natural products contain NO fragrances.

Glycerin: A vegetable based, greaseless moisturizer that leaves the skin soft and conditioned.

Herbal Extracts (Chamomile, Rosemary, Balm Mint, Yarrow, Sage, Nettle, Hops): Natural botanical ingredients that provide soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. They provide strength to the hair shaft.

Hemp Seed Oil: Click for information.

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose: A water soluble gel base used for mildness and silkiness.

Niacinamide & Biotin: Vitamins known for their properties to enrich the hair shaft.

Panthenol: An excellent deep penetrating moisturizer and conditioner that is absorbed into the hair shaft without causing residue build up. Known for its anti-irritancy and anti-inflammatory properties widely used to treat rashes and itchy skin and scalp.

Peg 8 Dioleate, Polowax Wax & Oleth 3: Pharmaceutical grade non-ionic emulsification combination . A highly effective dispersant system for oil in water emulsions providing the characteristic milky bloom effect.

Polowax Wax: Pharmaceutical grade non-ionic emulsifier used to make stable creams.

Polysorbate 20: Is a food grade emulsifier needed to bind oils to other ingredients.

PPG Myristyl Propionate: An ester emollient that provides a light grease less feel on the skin.

Purified Water: Eliminates the chance of introducing foreign particles in the products. Also a Health Canada requirement for producing pharmaceutical products. Some people think of water as a filler. It is not. It is a necessary ingredient. If you were baking a cake, could you make that cake without adding some liquid?

Quaternium 22: An excellent skin Conditioner. Cationic (positively-charged) in nature, it neutralizes negative charges, eliminating static fly away and dry skin. Hair is also easy to manage and tangle free.

Sodium Olefin Sulphonate: Is a specially developed, quality surfactant. (NOT to be confused with Sodium Laural Sulphate which we do not use.)

Stearic Acid, EGMS: These are refatting agents, opacifiers, emulsion stabilizers, that provide a homogeneous, easy to apply creams.

Vitamin A, D3: Provides anti-irritancy and soothing qualities to red or irritated skin areas. Increases the normal reproduction of basal cells and stimulates epithermal growth.
Vitamin E: A natural moisturizer and anti-oxidant to maintain product quality.
        In the Bath & Massage Oil the Vitamin E is the only preservative used.

For Technical Information on Essential Fatty Acids and the way the body uses them ,click EFA's.

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