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Carmen from Winnipeg, MB writes;

    As you know, I have been using your moisturizer for quite sometime now. I use it twice a day as an eye cream and at night as a night cream.  I also use it on my elbows.  My skin has never felt so soft and silky smooth.  I have even noticed that the lines at the corner of my eyes are diminishing and are almost non-existent.  This is the best eye cream I have ever used and it is such a great value.  Keep up the good work.

Valerie from Saskatchewan emails;

      You may not remember me but we met last summer in Yorkton.  We were on our way back home and you were on your way to a show.  I had bought some hemp oil and cream from you for my sons eczema.  I was going to email you sooner but I lost your address.  Well, his eczema did clear up! But it did come back this fall but I just used it again and it is almost gone again. Do you have more info on the benefits of this product? I sure would like to pass this on.

( "hemp oil" was the Bath & Massage Oil and  the "cream" was the Hand & Body Lotion;  Linda)

Marlys writes;

Thanks again.    We sure like the lotion.
Kent used the kewl spray on his shingles and it did help. He is coming along. Have a great summer.

Grace from Alberta writes;

    I do find your products as effective as you say they are. Hand Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are the Best!
Thanks for the speedy delivery.

Carla from Edmonton, AB writes;

      I have been using all your products for 3 months now and I have to say that they are the best I have ever used in my life. I quit wearing make up 3 or 4 years ago and stopped coloring my hair around the same time. Since I have been using your shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and face cream I have taken 10 years off my skin and my hair has not been this healthy ever! When I tell people I'm 36 they can not believe it. I need MORE!

Annette from Alberta emails;

    My brother has pancreatic cancer, and the Kewl Spray relieves the pain from the Chemo, so I want to make sure we do not run out. I have given away a couple of bottles to others, and they are also very impressed.
You have a wonderful product............. Thank you.

Carol emails;

Dear Linda,
I just had to e-mail you my appreciation for your fine product "enriched Kewl Spray, introduced to me while attending Agribition in Regina, November 2004.  We had our display booth across from yours and after a "demo spray" on our necks, bought a bottle.  I have since bought several more bottles in Regina, as the spray has given me wonderful relief to my neck, and later hip bursitis.  Recently I had a nasty fall at home, sustaining a badly bruised upper back and right shoulder, requiring a month long recovery.  Again it was Kewl Spray to the rescue, the spray applicator being just what I needed to reach this area many times a day for relief.  I just can't say enough good things about the instant and lasting relief the spray generates, and have promoted it to both my chiropractor and medical doctor, and anyone one else who is "hurting"!  The curved tube that reaches right down into the bottom of the bottle is a real plus for when the bottle is below half full and also aids in all angles of applying the spray. 
May you continue to have success with this wonderful over the counter product. 
With sincere thanks,

Tammy writes;

I just want to thank you for having such a wonderful product line.
The Kewl spray has given me back the movement in my hands and arms that I thought was gone for good, due to Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Now I am able to play with my 4 yr old grandson.   Thank you.

Donna writes;

Thank you very much. I have 5 new people using your Kewl spray.
It is better than all the pills doctors have given me.

Lisa writes;

Your Kewl spray is totally great product!
My boys use it when racing their motorbikes.
I use it just before I go to bed. I spray my feet and I feel like the whole day drains out. I sleep so soundly.

Beulah writes;

I can feel the effects of both the spray and oil already.
Thank you for being so prompt in sending the products to me.

Karen emails;

Good morning I recently purchased your kewl spray at a convention booth. I have since used the spray and shared with my friends and neighbours. We are all impresses. My only disappointment is that I have given my last bottle to my neighbour. Where would I be able to purchase about 6 bottles of this spray. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to offer....


Roy from Manitoba emails;

    Subject: Thank you so much

Several months ago, I bought some Kewl Spray for my wife.  Her arthritis was problematic for her, and I wanted to try something, anything, that might give her some ease.  Boy, does Kewl Spray give her ease!  And me too.  I have rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders... a legacy of a youth misspent as a jock... to the point of occasional virtual immobility in my left arm, and pain in my right.  Kewl Spray knocks out the pain immediately, and gives me instant relief.
    My wife has used Kewl Spray on her hands, and says that she get profound relief much of the time.  Occasionally, for some reason, the spray is less effective.  But it still works far better than any other prescription or non-prescription medication that she has tried.
    In all, I doubt if either of us was expecting your product to have the effect that it has.  The effect has been nothing short of marvellous.  I commend you, and I will be ordering more Kewl Spray... not only for us, but also for your friends... soon.
Thanks again...

Shawna from Manitoba writes;

    Hi! Got the product in the mail this morning - that was fast. Now, I can hardly wait for the next migraine (yukyuk)
After I ran out of the Kewl Spray, I went looking for a similar product, and tried a few, but with nowhere near the same results.
This stuff is amazing. It seems to work for many types of headaches - migraines, sinus, allergy, tension. I also have used it on the kids chests and back when they have colds, and it works for that too. My husband tried it this afternoon on his shoulders and arms and it worked like a charm. I was also glad to see that it took such a short time to arrive. Thanks again.

Karen from Saskatchewan writes;

      I came across Linda's Hemp product while exhibiting at a trade show. After a short while of standing at the show, I started to have muscle aches that started in the shoulder/neck area. Linda sprayed my neck with Kewl Spray. Almost instantaneously, it provided relief. The next morning, I asked Linda if I could use the Kewl Spray before I started to ache. I didn't have to use it for the remainder of that 10 hour day. Was I ever impressed! By the end of the four days, I vowed that in the future, a bottle of Kewl Spray would always be in my booth supplies. I also decided to give the shampoo & conditioner a try.
I didn't think anything of the shampoo and conditioner as being anything other than another shampoo & conditioner - WRONG!  My hair would squeak after washing it. I have poker-straight hair and after a couple uses of the combination, I didn't have to use gel to curl my bangs or use hair spray to keep them curled. During the 4 day show that I was at with Linda Robinson, I watched as she would squirt out samples of her hand lotion and watch as a large percentage of those people came back to purchase product because they too were so impressed with the HempLady product after using it. Those of you who may not believe these products are what they claim to be - and what I've found myself to be - I challenge you to try this product to find out for yourself. Keep up the good work Linda & Chris! I'm looking forward to additions.

Richard from Edmonton, AB. writes;

      Just thought you would like to know. My Friend, gave me two bottles of your Kewl  Spray and I decided to give one to my mother as she was suffering from a pulled muscle in her neck and I thought I would see if it was all my friend said it was cracked up to be. I was also suffering from a tension headache from stiff muscles in my neck, that afternoon. While I was waiting for my mother to meet me to pick up her sample, I thought maybe I should just spray a bit on the back of my neck just to see what would happen. I moved back my shirt collar and gave the back of my neck a few shots. I have to tell you that the relief was almost instantaneous. Within 15 to 20 seconds the stiffness went away in my neck. Within 15 to 20 minutes my headache was gone. I sprayed some on my mothers neck. It took about 5 - 6 minutes before she forgot that she had had a stiff neck. The only part she could feel was up under her hair where the spray did not make contact, but 90% of her stiffness was gone. If this works on her aching legs, as I'm sure it will, my mother will thank you forever.
As it is we both thank you for this product and I would recommend it to anyone.

John from Dauphin, MB. writes;

      Your products are well loved in this area. I am personally a huge fan of your KEWL Spray, I tried some on my aunt when she was experiencing arthritic pain and was beyond amazed when the aching disappeared in a matter of seconds. Needless to say she went back to her home 2 hours away and spread the word by sharing her product with others with aches and stiffness. Anyway, we are in need of your product:

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